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Gery’s Sports was founded with the need to popularize Roller skating in Qatar and in Gulf countries.
Skating kid’s

The individual kid learns amidst fun and develops their Roller skating skills to the fullest. We do not follow the same training procedure for every kid and try to train each one of them in a manner based on their..

Beginner to Advanced

Training 3-year-olds in skating takes less professional help than proper care and encouragement. If your little one is already enthused about skating, buy him a pair of safety wheels and head out to Gery’s Sports.

Skating Adults

class, designed to make your first skating steps safe and fun. This class is for you if you are a complete beginner who wants to learn all the basics in detail or if you cannot stop on your skates.


Chairwoman’s message

Gery’s Sports is proud to be the first and only sports oriented Company in Qatar, which focuses on the singular activity of inline skating.
Our objective is to use Roller-skating as a way of promoting health and fitness with a flare of fun for the entire family.
Our company believes with our High qualified passionate team of coaches, Rollerskating will become one of Qatar’s favored sports, aiming to train and develop future entrants to the Olympics in the Name of Qatar.
It is our responsibility at Gery’s Sports to support The Qatar Vision 2030. Therefor we are determined to aid the building of social development and awareness in sport, fitness and family orientation.

Eman Amnah Al-Mushiri
CEO Gery’s Sports

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