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Roller skating training for kids

We build professional skaters in Aggressive, speed skating (Race), skate Dance (choreography), and skate ball.

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Gery’s Sports make sure that each and individual kid learn amidst fun and develop their Roller skating skills to the fullest. We do not follow the same training procedure for every kid and try to train each one of them in a manner based on their learning requirements.

Can a 3 years old kid do roller skating

As we tumble through an age of overachievement, this is a question that has popped up Gery’s Sports , even more so after a number of videos went viral showing 3-year-olds skateboarding or roller-skating like seasoned skaters. Roller-skating coaches are bombarded with similar questions from enthusiastic parents in the State of Qatar who want their kids to become skating prodigies.

Training 3-year-olds in skating takes less professional help than proper care and encouragement. If your little one is already enthused about skating, buy him a pair of safety wheels and head out to Gery’s Sports . If not, you may try to encourage him by showing him older kids in action in our club. However, in the rush of excitement, do not forget to enjoy these baby steps with your kid. Your child may well be into other sports and not take fancy in skating- do not push them into something you like more than they do , as roller skating is now the number 1 sports for kids  in the State of Qatar.