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How to Register

At Gery’s Sports, we have a dedicated Customer Support team who look after all members of our family.  One of the most frequently asked questions which we receive a lot is… How do we register?  Well, our Customer Support team have put together some instructions to make this process as easy as possible.


Step One – Press the red ‘Registration’ button on top right of the webpage

You will be asked to supply the name, age and gender of the child you wish to Register.

Step Two – Enter your own contact details (PARENT/GUARDIAN)

You will be asked to supply your contact details. Make sure you provide accurate information.

Step Three – Select Programme

You will be asked to select the programme you wish to join.

Step Four – Select The Location

You will be asked to select the location close to you.

Step Five – Submit your registration

Check everything once again from the beginning, and press “Register” button.

The last Step  – Await Confirmation

You will then receive a “Registration” email from us. Please be advised that this is not yet a confirmation of a place in the team, thus do not proceed with payment. Once we review your registration we will call you and confirm it as a verification. You can proceed the payment when you attend the first session.