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Adults beginners skating training

We build professional skaters in Aggressive, speed skating (Race), skate Dance (choreography), and skate ball.

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start at the very beginning with our 3 hour Beginners class, designed to make your first skating steps safe and fun. This class is for you if you are a complete beginner who wants to learn all the basics in detail or if you cannot stop on your skates. You will leave with lots of exercises to inform your practice and ensure you continue to progress outside of class. If you are already up and moving and using your heel brake (albeit not very efficiently), you may be better suited to do

Our Beginner class

We expect you to be able to skate about unaided and have a rudimentary knowledge of using a brake (heel brake for inlines, toe stop for quads). We expect your stopping to be a bit ropey and the course starts with perfecting and revising the stopping and making it suitable for slopes and emergencies. No hill, slope or high speed stopping situation should ever be a problem again once you have attended this class.

You will also learn how to increase your general speed and skating technique and gain fitness from your skating, while also learning the essential  Parallel turn (in both directions).  You will start to learn one legged gliding techniques to improve your agility and balance. If you are self taught and need some structure, then this class will inform your practice in a way that ensures continued progress.

Then the classes move on to other skills such as generating speed (and fitness) from your skates, becoming more confident with obstacles and gliding/balance and agility improvements.

Going on a street skate will seem much more doable after this class as your confidence will have improved along with your actual skating.

After completing Improvers there are several skate lesson options available