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We love Skating

Who we are ?

We are the No 1 Skate club in Qatar and we trained most of the professional skaters out their on how to glide and be flexible very well. Gery’s Sports was founded with the need to popularize Roller skating in Qatar and in Gulf countries.

Knowing the excitement, fun and adventure it could bring to people, roller skating enthusiasts decided to come together to provide an avenue for numerous Qatari, and people from neighboring GCC countries to discover new path of fun and extreme adventure and ultimately to make roller skating a
popular sport.

Having reached a unanimous decision to call the new and promising skate club- Gery’s Sports on 24 th July 2017, the club is registered and recognize and can operate under Gery’s Sports, Since our inception as a skating club we’ve encountered some huge challenges that rather than deplete us, but has strengthened us for more challenges.
One challenge that props up in the mind easily is the invention of Skate Ball – a game/sport gradually gaining popularity in the country.

Also the challenge of making and fine-tuning the rules of the game ,because of its importance in the success of the sport all around the world.


The sight of the club is set at achieving its sole and most important mission- To popularize and commercialize Roller Skating as a form of entertainment in Qatar and in all GCC countries and neighboring countries as well.

We build professional skaters in Aggressive, speed skating (Race), skate Dance (choreography), and skate ball.


Gery’s Sports is proud to be the first and only sports oriented Company in Qatar, which focuses on the singular activity of inline skating.
Our objective is to use Roller-skating as a way of promoting health and fitness with a flare of fun for the entire family.
Our company believes with our High qualified passionate team of coaches, Rollerskating will become one of Qatar’s favored sports, aiming to train and develop future entrants to the Olympics in the Name of Qatar.
It is our responsibility at Gery’s Sports to support The Qatar Vision 2030. Therefor we are determined to aid the building of social development and awareness in sport, fitness and family orientation.

Eman Amnah Al-Mushiri
CEO Gery’s Sports


Founder and CEO of Gery’s Sports, sums up the company concept with one statement.

“We aim to spread the passion for roller skating across the land and train future Olympians of Qatar ”

Naoussi kemgang Gery

Teacher vs Coach Gery’s sports

A teacher takes responsibility for your growth.
A coach makes you responsible for your growth.

A teacher gives you things you don’t have.
A coach takes away things you have and that you don’t require.

A teacher answers your questions.
A coach questions your answers.

A teacher demands obedience and discipline.
A coach expects trust and humility. Looks for passion not fashion.

A teacher prepares you for the outer journey.
A coach prepares you for the inner journey.

A teacher is a guide on the path.
A coach is a pointer to the way.

A teacher explains the world and its nature to you.
A coach explains yourself and your nature to you.

A teacher gives you knowledge and boosts your ego.
A coach takes away your knowledge and punctures your ego.

A teacher instructs you.
A coach constructs you.

A teacher sharpens your mind.
A coach opens your mind.

A teacher reaches your mind.
A coach reaches your spirit.

A teacher teaches you how to solve a problem.
A coach awakens your competency and skills you how to resolve issues.

A teacher is a syllabus oriented systematic thinker.
A coach is no boundary oriented lateral thinker.

A teacher leads you by the hand.
A coach leads you by example.

A teacher asks question and expects the right answers, doesn’t allow you to explore or improvise.
A coach asks questions, expects answers, urges you to look for more answers, allows exploration to get the best of your thoughts.

When a teacher finishes with you, you celebrate.
When a coach finishes with you, life celebrates.

Let’s honor both teachers and the coaches in our life. Check it out

Knowing the excitement, fun and adventure it could bring to people, roller skating enthusiasts decided to come together to provide an avenue for numerous people